Domestic Tourist: Getty Villa!

I had to look up whether it was possible to be a tourist of your own town/state, and the phrase “domestic tourist” came up! I should probably use this more often, since I find myself wanting to see that which is new to me and perhaps common to others!

Anyhow, these photos were from our “excursion” to yet again one of my favorite places ever: Getty Villa! My first time in this place was back in high school, when our art teacher decided that this was the place to take her art students. And she was right! This place is inspiring! I’ve been to this place several times (some one dates, some on art trips 😉 ) but I couldn’t possibly get tired of it.

Getty Villa is located in Malibu, California. It houses some of Paul Getty’s collections, from busts to full statues to paintings and ceramic and glass wares. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos of the art collection, but here are a few that I managed to take:

Linear perspective
Lily pond
The famous pool
So now I know where selfie came from. Lol!
Well manicured
If you’d have left me here, I’d be content

Not pictured were the fruit bearing trees, some of which were filled with fruits. One of them was the apple tree close to the parking lot. One of the fruits fell down, and I happily picked it up lol (simple joys, eh?)


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