Catalina Island 2014: Honeymoon

This was our first time in Catalina Island, and my second time snorkeling! Sadly, we didn’t have our phones to take photos of our trip so we purchased an underwater disposable camera (lol) to take with us and snap whatever we can. On the plus side, we were able to spend more time enjoying the moments than just taking photos of it. I also discovered The Dark Room, and they graciously developed these photos (albeit amateur) and sent us the electronic copy for easy uploading.

We got to befriend a few locals; one of which was the operator for the semi-submarine tour we went on. Speaking of which, look at how empty it was!

And look at the view from below:


Joe (the semi-sub operator) then had a lot of flexibility, and chatted with us during the tour. He shared how, when he was younger, he was able to freedive at 75 ft! While we thought it was impressive, he said “Wait til you hear about my friend — he dives 150 ft!” He also gave us tips and suggestions on where to snorkel. He told us to go to the the supermarket instead and get peas (which were $2 for the two bags, I think) rather than buying fish food (which were at least $10 for a small bag). (Click next page below)


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