Nocturnal Journal: Stuck in Second Gear

It’s past midnight and I still cannot sleep. Jamen’s to-go  breakfast and lunch are already made, coffee pot is programmed to brew at 5:30 am like the usual, my Bible reading and studies are done for the night, my hygiene routine is finished — and yet, somehow…insomnia has crept in and has kept me awake once more.

So as I ventured to the living room, turned on Netflix and heard the familiar TV show “Friends” anthem, I also heard the following lines:

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA. It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear. But then it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.” 

And then follows a somewhat more positive turn, a more hopeful promise of a faithfulness of a friend. But, I’ll be there for you, la la la.

Good grief! If that chorus wasn’t there, I’d say that’s one sad song masked in cheerful beat. Haha!

But that’s besides the point. The part that really caused me to me to pause and ponder was the phrase “stuck in second gear.” And if you’re like me, whose native tongue is not English and has never driven a manual transmission, I didn’t really understand what the idiom meant...(like many other American idioms lol) but given the context, I could assume that it has to do with not getting anywhere in life anytime soon, a slow progress if you will. I checked with Google (lol) to see other references to the saying, and most of what I read would concur that being stuck in second gear has to do with being unable to move forward to a desired goal at the desired time, thus being in a position of little to no movement in life…perhaps a season marked by little visible changes.

And I promise that this is not going to be an exposition of a song lol, but perhaps using the already provided metaphor, it may be a continuation of a thought of what it looks like to be stuck in second gear. (Click next page below)


3 thoughts on “Nocturnal Journal: Stuck in Second Gear

  1. Great read … I was just telling KAREN the other night sometimes I don’t think or feel like I’m progressing.. But that’s exactly how I feel ..LIKE I AM STUCK IN 2nd gear oh how God knows me so well I needed to read this . Thank you for sharing.. I plan to stay the course and keep plugging away


    1. I feel you. I get that way sometimes, and I just pray that the Lord would keep me from becoming callous to His Word. Will be praying for you Miss Sue in your Bible studies with Miss Karen!


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