Journal: On What To Write

Ever had a writer’s block? I have. In fact, I find myself having one every time I go on our blog to purposely write an entry.  I remember getting frustrated because my thoughts seem to elude me as I begin to write. And I even thought, “Man, how the heck do people write so often? I could barely write once a month!” (And just for the record, this entry actually stayed in my drafts for a month until now.)

I re-read all my old entries, in hopes to find whatever inspiration led me to write them. And I immediately realized the fault in my thinking: I wanted to write for the sake of writing. After I read our older posts, it became clear to me that even the painful things we shared to others were driven by a desire and hope that others may see Christ through it, not me or Jamen in it. And yet, I got caught up in the hype of “keeping up” with blogging and blinded me of what is truly important — to glorify Him in all things, to live an all-inclusive Christ-centered way of living.

How gracious the Lord is to call this to my attention, that I may turn away from this thinking and to run towards Him. May it never be to anyone else that the temptation is to “keep up” and stay relevant, and lose sight of Who is continually relevant.


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