Journal: “How’d You Guys Meet?”

This is the question that either dreads us or excites us. It is an invitation to unravel a story woven with delicate elements we often find ourselves too vulnerable to tell. Elements of our own shame, brokenness, pride, sorrow… all of which are sufficient causes to withhold our response. Yet in this story, we find the Lord’s magnificent grace and sovereignty at work that telling of it reigns more supreme than anything.

But before we get to the main event of our encounter, it is vital to the heart of the story to begin where I perceive to be the beginning of it all.

It was early Spring of 2014 when a two-year relationship ended. I was heartbroken. Prior to that relationship, I was involved in serial monogamy which was more qualified to be labeled as ‘casual encounters.’ Suffice to say, commitment or faithfulness were not my ‘thing’ until that last relationship which, ironically, ended in lack of commitment and lack of faithfulness on his part. In an effort to redeem myself from my share of destructive relationships, I had devoted myself to that very relationship that later proved to be my demise. And so, the heartbreak was very real for me.

I turned to two of my friends for advice. One of the two invited me to her church, and the other advised me to date again and forget. I went to my friend’s church, and did not find the immediate comfort I was looking for. So I took my other friend’s advice and not knowing where to begin again, I signed up on one of the online dating sites.

Truthfully, I had no intentions nor hopes that anything serious could come out of a dating site. After all, I was simply looking for a ‘rebound’. But after a day of being online, I realized it wasn’t for me. Just few seconds short of deactivating my account, Jamen sent a message saying “Hi :)”. And that’s how we met and started talking.

But to say that it was the beginning of our relationship would be untruthful. (Click Next Page below)


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