Journal: For the Sake of my Brethren

There is a lot on my heart tonight. I am thankful that the Lord never slumbers, and that we could always turn to Him in prayer, whenever and wherever.

// A few thoughts that I am wrestling with, and perhaps you could pray for:

– I have been distressed and overwhelmed with grief over several loved ones’ unbelief. The thought of the apostle Paul came to mind, as he shares his own grief over Israel’s unbelief, his “kinsman according to the flesh” (Romans 9~) and I am struggling to arrive at the conclusion he did — his worshipful, trustful doxology — which is found in Romans 11:33-36. Yes — granted, Paul acknowledges that even Israel’s unbelief was part of a bigger picture of God’s redemptive plan. But it’s his trust and joy in God’s sovereignty, in spite of the unbelief of those he cared about, that I pray for myself.

Please pray that I would remember first and foremost that God gives mercy to whomever He shows mercy; to remember that God is good and He is just.

Also, please pray that this would lead me to more joy over my salvation, as it is purely by His grace and choosing.

Lastly, for my loved ones’ salvation.

Even after years of studying Psychology (as an unbeliever then), I could confidently say that nothing of our own efforts could compare to the restoration found in Christ. Truly, there’s nothing kinder nor more loving that we could do for others than to point them to the forgiveness offered at the cross.

Thank you for praying with and for me.

In Christ,



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