This blog contains journal entries and photos by Jamie — just another random person on the Internet.

I am based in Southern California, with my husband Jamen. We are both members and serve a local reformed Bible church in the city of Torrance.

I sometimes share things that I learn along the way — things that perhaps aren’t so new to others but very new to me; like learning how to trust the Lord in difficult circumstances, or letting unbelief provoke me to pray even more, etc. I do this, because when I first became a Christian I had a lot of questions and wondered whether there was anyone else out there who struggled like I did. It wasn’t until I came across several Christian articles and blogs that made me realize how helpful it is to know there are other Christians who shared my struggles. Thus, this online “journal” began. If you find yourself reading one of the entries that resonate with what you’re going through, let me know so I could pray for you.

I also like exploring new places and experiences, and I am thankful to our Lord who has given us the means to enjoy what He has provided. Spending time outdoors has, in its unique way, given me wonderful opportunities to meditate and marvel at the God who has made Himself known in His creation and in His word. Charles Spurgeon said it so well when he said,

“There is no quarrel between nature and revelation, fools only think so; to wise men the one illustrates and establishes the other. Walking in the fields at eventide, as Isaac did, I see in the ripening harvest the same God of whom I read in the Word that He covenanted that seed-time and harvest should not cease. Surveying the midnight skies, I remember Him who, while He calls the stars by their names, also bindeth up the broken in heart. Who will may neglect the volume of creation, or the volume of revelation: I shall delight in them both as long as I live.” (cited in Arthur W. Pink’s Studies in the Scriptures, August, 1939 from a sermon preached by C.H. Spurgeon, Lessons From Nature, Sermon No. 1005, August 13th, 1871) 

But all in all, I am just another random person on the Internet sharing my musings to others. I am a sinner saved, by grace through faith in Christ alone. I may not be special, but the Savior whom I seek to glorify, truly is.


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  1. Hah I found your Blog love this idea .. I will go back and read your blog just wanted to say Hi & I’m a goober … Lol


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